The client is an up and coming jewellery designer and did not have a catalogue showcasing her various designs. A lot of her works in this particular series seem to use specific shapes. I used this as the base concept for the design and created a pictorial legend categorizing her pieces. They were further organized according to the year of creation. I decided to use accordion folding so that the pages open out and displayed the size of each collection via the unfolded length. The design of the book was also aimed at being a pretty coffee table book, a collector’s item like her jewellery pieces.

Jennifer Loiselle (London)
Date published
December 2012
Jessica Chee (Design, illustration, printing & binding)


Screw bound
Paper sort
Canson “C” A grain 224gsm

jennifer loiselle

Catalogue for Jennifer Loiselle

accordian style perforated fold-outs

catalogue catalogue catalogue catalogue catalogue catalogue catalogue

  • Ai WeiWei Evidence
  • Remaining Silence

  • The Calendar for 2014
  • Visualizing Silence

  • Typographic Newspaper
  • Catalogue for Jennifer Loiselle

  • Advertisements for plastic surgery
  • Nike ad campaign