This was the product of my bachelor thesis in which I researched how I could visualize the existing silence that I experienced outdoors and indoors. The photographs taken were categorized into 3 groups: ‘Where it all began’, ‘Finding the silence inside’, and ‘You fill in the silence’. The viewer is taken through a pictorial story about the silence that co-exists and for the most part, is unnoticed in our everyday lives. The entire art direction was led by my research to produce a publication that communicates silence through touch, sight and the quiet process of reading. The minimal text in the book consists of quotations that narrate this story.

Date published
May 2013
Photography, Editorial
Jessica Chee (Photography, binding, printing & assembly of book)


Paper sort
Canson “C” A grain 180gsm & 125gsm & Allegretto 150gsm
Cover & Spine
Hand painted on textile

Visualizing Silence

a sensorial reading experience

silence silence silence silence silence silence silence

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